Saturday, 4 July 2009

Get The Body You Want - The UltraFlex Fitness System

If you are ready to supercharge your exercise programme and discover a New You, then there is a piece of home exercise equipment to help you. It is the UltraFlex exercise and lifestyle system, and it offers a fantastic muscle toning and strengthening workout that will give you the body you want in the time you've got.

There is never enough time in this everyday world where we must earn enough money to live while looking after our family and try to manage a household as well. Finding time to exercise has always been very difficult, and even if you join a gym you find you're paying a lot of money and having to spend a lot of time there using all the different weights and pulleys that they tell you you need to use.

Wasting time waiting around for your turn is bad enough, but then you have to add to that struggling through heavy traffic to get there and then driving round and round in the rain trying to find a parking spot. Exercise is supposed to relieve stress; exercising at the gym tends to increase it!

With the UltraFlex, waiting to use gym machines and then having to alter weights and pulleys before you can even start your exercising is a thing of the past. The UltraFlex makes exercising simple and convenient, and its unique design means that you can target any muscle in your body with its target perfect resistance system to give toned sculpted limbs and increased fat burning.

There is an UltraFlex bar suitable for you whether you are a man or a woman; men normally have fitness goals that include becoming larger and stronger, so the man's UltraFlex offers more resistance and helps build bigger, bulkier muscles.

Women don't want to bulk up and they aren't particularly bothered about getting stronger, so a woman's UltraFlex bar offers decreased resistance for increased numbers of sets and repetitions, which will give toned and shapely longer-looking limbs for that perfect silhouette.

The UltraFlex exercise and lifestyle system can be positioned to tone any of your major muscle groups including your abdominals, although any exercise programme should be balanced to include a whole-body approach, which will give great shape and decreased size to your body while burning fat at the same time.

Working out with the UltraFlex exercise and lifestyle system is a great addition to your exercise regime, but you need a full programme of cardiovascular and core exercises as well for the best results in terms of weight loss and muscle toning. It is possible to use your UltraFlex while performing cardio exercise, but for reasons of safety is best to do them separately.

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Saturday, 6 June 2009

The Ab Rocket Reviews - Compact and easy to use

The Ab Rocket is a new and cleverly-engineered home exercise device to give you toned and shapely abs without causing you any back pain. Raising you up off the floor and into a seated position for a great abdominal workout, the Ab Rocket is suitable to any level of exercise, is easy-to-use, and stores away neatly after use.

The problem with most abdominal exercises is that they are done lying on the floor. This puts your back into a vulnerable position as you have to work against gravity to lift yourself up into a crunch. This can easily cause a vicious circle as, if your abs initially are not strong enough to lift you, the strain will go into your back, and your abs will not get strong enough to lift you unless they can be properly engaged.

To recruit the correct abdominal muscles is not easy and requires separate training in itself. If you are new to exercising it is almost certain that you will not know how to use your muscles correctly and would need an instructor standing over you to tell you exactly which muscle to contract and where you should feel it.

If you don't have a Personal Trainer - and let's face it, they don't come cheap - you will struggle as reading how to do ab exercises properly will be more likely to confuse you than anything else, and is very likely that you won't know where to start.

The problem with ab exercises done on the floor is that most beginners simply try to haul their head and shoulders up using brute force and start tugging on their head and neck. All the strain is promptly absorbed by the long muscles in the lower back, causing back pain and possible injury.

Not tightening the core muscles before you commence will mean that the exercise is performed by other muscles which were not made to work in this way by nature, and there is a distinct possibility that you will pull a muscle in your lower back or maybe even cause damage to your spine.

The Ab Rocket is cleverly designed to solve the problem of how to work all the ab muscles without causing any strain on the back or the neck. The Ab Rocket puts you in a seated position and the backrest consists of padded rollers that support your spine all the way up to the back of your head.

In this position, when you lean back and crunch upwards, your back is carefully supported; not to the extent that the exercise is done for you, but enough to relax the back and put the focus of the exercise squarely back where it belongs - into your abdominals.

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Friday, 15 May 2009

TheFirmWave - Will It Work For Me?

TheFirmWave is a piece of home exercise equipment that combines cardiac exercise with full body toning for a fantastic result with great weight loss and beautiful sleek muscles.

The Firm Wave is shaped in a curve, is made of quality materials and is tested for up to 170lbs of body weight. It is very versatile and can be used on its own or with the Flex band that comes with it, and also dumbbells can be used for many different workouts.

There are quite a few ways to use the Wave to give both an effective cardiovascular and muscle toning workout, and it provides a perfect base for performing Pilates exercises to lengthen and sculpt all-over firmness and work those abdominals.

What makes it so versatile is that can be turned either way up for exercises; with the curve side upwards it is useful as a Step, is stable to stand on and thus can be used for lots of different aerobic exercises to burn fat, raise the heart rate and work all the leg muscles.

Add some hand weights to your aerobic workout and your calorie burning increases and you can intensify your workout to include exercises for the upper body as well as the legs. With more practice you can choreograph yourself a high impact workout that involves aerobic exercises around and over your Wave.

The most unique property of the Wave is that you can then turn it over so that the curved side is down; in this position when you step on it rocks from side to side. Just to stay in position means that all your deep core and balance muscles will have to switch on, and when you push your legs from side to side and rock you burn lots more calories and your balance and stability begin to improve - and you have a good time too!

And with the Wave theres lots more that you can do, unlike other pieces of home fitness equipment that only have one purpose. Using it at mat level you can do toning exercises for the upper body, including press ups, which are unbeatable exercises for sculpting shapely arm and shoulder muscles and also working your pectoral muscles, so that your boobs remain firm and will never sag.

And were still not done! This clever little piece of kit is also perfect for performing Pilates exercises on, and as most people know, Pilates is wonderful exercise for strengthening and sculpting the muscles of the waist and stomach and improving the appearance of the muscles of the arms and legs.

The incredibly versatile Wave comes with a number of inspiring DVDs suitable for beginners onward; the experienced team of instructors offer you various workouts which are easy to follow and inspirational, and you will enjoy your workout while burning more calories than you ever thought possible.

This home fitness kit will cost you just over $100 and is the best investment you can make for your body and your health. When you consider that a yearly gym membership can cost many times this, then it is a great value package that will help you lose weight and tone up in an unbelievably short time.

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